Dvorak Te Deum on May 21

WYOWe’re looking forward to singing the Dvorak Te Deum with the Worcester Youth Symphony Orchestra on Sunday May 21, 4pm in Mechanics Hall, Worcester. As Chorale member Tony Simollardes notes, “Mechanics Hall is a great Civil War-era concert hall that had fallen on hard times and was to be demolished 40-50 years ago, urban renewal 1970s style, until the paper’s publisher at the time led a community-wide effort to save and restore it. The acoustics are amazing…we’ll be standing on the same stage that luminaries such as Twain, Dickens, Thoreau, Susan B. Anthony, and several presidents, most recently Bill Clinton, have stood and where some of the world’s great symphonies have performed (Vienna, London, etc.), along with soloists such as Rachmaninoff, Caruso, Yo Yo Ma, Ella Fitzgerald and Leontyne Price.”

Tickets available here: http://www.worcesteryouthorchestras.org